As a licensed clinical mental health counselor, I strive to embody unconditional positive regard for all I have the opportunity to meet, as well as to provide a safe space free of judgment. We are never done evolving as individuals, and each person’s journey is important and unique. My goal is to listen and provide the necessary support you need to achieve your fullest potential.

Take a moment to review the information provided throughout this site; please call or email with further questions and to make an appointment.

COVID-19 Update, May 2022: In light of the pandemic, I now provide a blend of in-person and virtual meetings online through the platform Doxy.me.


Suicide Bereavement and Support

After nine years, as of May 2022, the Suicide Bereavement Support group based in Bend is no longer active. Please see the Suicide Bereavement Support North West or the resources listed on this site for other bereavement support ideas.

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