Grief & Loss

Human beings are naturally resilient. Most of us are able to endure loss for a period of time and then continue on with our own lives. But some people may struggle with grief longer and feel unable to carry out daily activities. The reality is that coping with the loss of a close friend or family member may be one of the hardest challenges many of us face.

There is no “normal” time period for someone to grieve. In fact, it may take months or even years to come to terms with a loss. While the sadness typically diminishes in intensity as time passes, the grieving process helps us overcome these feelings and embrace the time we had with our loved ones. No matter your reaction, it’s important to recognize and process all of the emotions that accompany the loss of a close friend or family member.

Most people can recover from loss on their own if they have adequate social support and are able to maintain healthy habits. However, everyone reacts differently to death and employs personal coping mechanisms for grief. Psychologists are trained to help people better handle the fear, guilt, and anxiety that can be associated with the death of a loved one. We can help people build their resilience and develop strategies to get through their sadness.

Please see our page with general grief resources.

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